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Date Posted Description Email Address Phone
Date Posted Description Email Address Phone
Date Posted Description Email Address Phone
Date Posted Description Email Address Phone
07/25/10 Old cell phones: Phones will be refurbished, cleaned/cleaned of all previously stored data, and sent to our military troops in Iraq and Afghanistan so they can phone loved ones at home. Boeing Bluebills (Boeing retired employees) is the collecting organization. Please use a subject line in your e-mail such as cell phones, or Tall Firs. don.hilt@tallfirshoa.com 253-838-1507
07/25/10 Barbie Dolls: Dolls will receive new hand-made clothing and be distributed to needy children at Christmas. Boeing Bluebills (Boeing retired employees) is the collecting organization. Please use a subject line in your e-mail such as Barbies or Tall Firs. don.hilt@tallfirshoa.com 253-838-1507
Date Posted Description Email Address Phone
01/7/11 Free pick up of your old hot water heater, washer, dryer, stove, metal fence poles, copper, aluminum or steel. No refrigerators. Non-running vehicles can also be picked up with paperwork. Pick up same day or next, whatever is convenient. Contact Ron with questions. thunder5@comcast.net Ron
07/22/10 Fast and efficient computer repair and home networking. Free diagnosis and estimate. 10 years of experience, Mac and PC. Child and pet friendly. GuyParisi@hotmail.com 206-412-6144
Date Posted Description Email Address Phone
08/12/12 If there is anyone looking to have any rooms painted, I would highly recommend calling On Pointe Painting.  I was very pleased with the quality of work and even more satisfied with their reasonable and affordable prices.  They specialize in interior/exterior painting for commercial and residential properties. Call On Pointe Painting at 253.222.1103 or e-mail (see to the right)  to schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate. OnPointePainting@hotmail.com 253-222-1103
04/01/12 If you are looking for a great electrician with great rates, please feel free to call All in Electric, Gary Richeson, Owner @ 253-347-7703; Fully licensed, bonded, and insured. They are very professional and courteous. They work fast and and leave the work area clean; no messes to clean up after they leave. They give senior and military discounts. They are willing to work within your schedule. They were reliable and on time. If you have any questions, you can contact me (Arlene) at 253-874-2236 or e-mail me at apark1@msn.com. gary@allinelectric.com 253-347-7703
10/18/11 If you are in need of any electrical services that are not covered by the Association, I am strongly recommending Licensed Electrician Michael Archie @ "Safe Home Electric". Not only are they "very affordable", they provide professional, honest, and quality service. They specialize in all electrical wiring, and electrical bracket replacement. They can be reached by phone or email as shown on the right. safehomeelectric@yahoo.com 253-228-9049
04/12/11 If you are thinking about doing some remodeling in your condominium, I would highly recommend Colin MacGregor of Quality Touch Construction. Colin is a licensed/bonded contractor and can be reached at (phone) 253-896-5173 and/or (cell) 253-740-3568. This contractor replaced all of our windows, and has done kitchen and bath remodeling for other owners. I know that Quality Touch Construction would be pleased to furnish references from other satisfied Tall Firs owners. QT Construction also was the successful bidder on two Tall Firs projects ~ remodeling the Resident Manager's apartment and completing repairs/resurfacing on 6 decks. I'm confident you will like Colin AND his work.   Colin MacGregor
phone: 253-896-5173
cell: 253-740-3568

11/04/10 If you need junk hauled away, call Jason at EZ Haulers. They are timely and efficient.   Jason
07/25/10 Highly recommend "Daniel Handyman Services" who specializes in all types of home maintenance (plumbing, painting, carpentry, floor and tile, fencing/decks, pressure washing, etc). Our experience was that he had very reasonable rates, did great work, and was always on time, friendly and courteous. We also discovered he was a former Tall Firs employee who had worked for our Association for 7 years. You'll like Daniel and his work. Call or e-mail me for more information at 253-838-1507, phyllis.hilt@tallfirshoa.com. Please use a subject line in your e-mail such as handyman services or Tall Firs. Daniel.Handyman@yahoo.com Daniel
If you have a Neighbor-to-Neighbor Classified Ad to post, please send it to webmaster@tallfirshoa.com. Please include your name, unit number and use a subject line of "Tall Firs" or "Classified Ad" in your e-mail submittal. Include any pictures you would like to use as well.


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