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Mike Chapman

Don Westman
Vice President

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Mick Crawford
Carol Young
Mark Alenick
Patrick Resch
Guy Parisi Coleen Adams  
Elisa Somerville
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    If you have a question for the Board, you may wish to submit your question before the monthly meeting. It will give the Board members a "heads up" and ensure they are prepared to answer your question. Please send your question to mike.chapman@tallfirshoa.com.


Architectural Committee

Chairperson: Kim Rivard

Current Committee Members: Kim Rivard, Carol Young, Dave Kincaid

This committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on architectural policies (such as window and satellite dish installations), reviews major building problems/repairs, and reviews any modifications a homeowner may wish to make to their unit.  You will find current policies at www.tallfirshoa.com.  Click on Procedures, Policies and Rules.

The committee will continue to prioritize structural repairs (such as roofing), and repairs for covered and  uncovered decks until all deck surfaces and railings have been replaced. (Homeowners pay for the new deck surface, the Association pays to bring the railing up to code.)

Budget Committee

Chairperson: Gary Rygmyr

Current Committee Members: Gary Rygmyr, Roy Kauer, Kim Rivard, Carol Young

By-Laws Committee

Chairperson: TBD

Current Committee Members: Mark Alenick, Roy Kauer, Leona Saffery

Landscape Committee

Chairperson: TBD

Current Committee Members: Kai Eng, Jeannette Romano, Beth Hendler

This Committee meets, as needed, to develop future landscaping plans, address problem landscaping issues, and participate in the budget process to lobby for funding items such as additional plant material, beauty bark, or implement an updated landscape plan.  Each year the Committee also reviews the landscaping specifications in our annual landscaping contract to determine if they need to be revised.  The contract expires October 1, 2013.  During the summer season, the Committee helps assess if watering is adequate and may recommend necessary revisions to our crew's watering schedule if plants and lawns look distressed.  The Committee Chairman also resolves minor issues with the EarthTech Landscaping Company.  Our contact person is Bobbi-Jo Tarnecki, Director of Maintenance, who oversees EarthTech's landscaping crew.  The Landscape Chairman resolves minor issues with her.

All Committee recommendations are submitted to the Board for approval. 

Maintenance Committee

Chairperson: Kim Rivard

Current Committee Members: Mark Alenick, Marie Masterson, Don Hilt

The Maintenance Committee helps develops and prioritize annual maintenance goals for the Association, working with the Property Manager and Resident Manager to do so.  The Committee Chairman and one other committee member usually attend this first meeting.  The jointly identified goals are then reviewed and edited by the Maintenance Committee to incorporate work that may have been overlooked.  The goals are best divided into two sections (January-June, and July-December) in order to take advantage of an outdoor summer construction season.  Items from the Reserve Study are also considered for inclusion.  Once maintenance items have been identified, they are prioritized, in order of importance, into categories of emergency repairs, safety, projects that will require bids for summer work, items carried over from the current year that were not completed, and routine maintenance.  Work should begin each November so maintenance goals can be in place at the beginning of each new year.  The Committee Chairman is tasked with compiling the final list of goals approved by the Committee, presenting the goals to the Board for approval, tracking monthly progress with updates provided each month by the Resident Manager, and reporting the progress to the Board at each month’s Board Meeting. 

Reserve Study Committee

Chairperson: Guy Parisi

Current Committee Members: Mark Alenick

Rules Committee

NOTE: This committee is currently inactive.

Chairperson: Position Open

Current Committee Members: Positions Open

Safety and Crime Prevention Committee

Safety - Phase I - Chairperson: Kai Eng, kai.eng@tallfirshoa.com

Safety - Phase II - Chairperson: Mark Alenick, mark.alenick@tallfirshoa.com

Safety - Phase III - Chairperson: Arlene Park, arlene.park@tallfirshoa.com, Leona Saffery, leona.saffery@tallfirshoa.com

The Safety Committee members report monthly on lights burned out in their Phase, reporting address locations for street lights, carport lights, building lights, mailbox lights, flagpole and fountain lights, etc.

Website Committee

Chairperson: TBD

Current Committee Members:  Rob Moorhead, webmaster@tallfirshoa.com

The Web Site Committee will work to update and maintain the Tall Firs website so that it is informative and relevant for our homeowners.

NOTE:  All Committee Meetings are called by the Chairman of each Committee


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